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About Dr Marlice

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Dr Marlice van Dyk achieved her M.B. and Ch.B at the University of the Freestate. In 2000 she completed her fellowship at the College of Anaesthetists in the Witwatersrand followed by a fellowship in Intensive Care. More recently, Dr van Dyk obtained her Diploma in Clinical Ultrasound from the University of Melbourne and is now currently proceeding with her Masters in Clinical Ultrasound with the University of Melbourne.

Currently practising as a Specialist Anaesthetist and Intensivist, Dr van Dyk’s interests lie in Critical Care. This passion and determination in her field have culminated in Dr van Dyk spearheading the establishment of the ELSO accredited ECMO Centre at Netcare Unitas Hospital. As the director of the ECMO Centre, Dr van Dyk runs numerous training sessions and continues to strive for excellence in this field. 

Working in Netcare Unitas Hospital, Dr Marlice van Dyk practices as a Specialist Anaesthesiologist as well as Intensivist. Specialising in Critical Care, Dr van Dyk manages patient care in the ICU, High Care as well as following up in the wards.

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