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Billing and payment

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our Terms and Conditions - PDF file

  • ​All claims for consultations and procedures are submitted directly to the medical aid.

  • Private patients will be billed privately. 

  • Quotations are available on request. 

  • Please ensure that all the medical aid and personal information on the hospital admission forms are correct.

  • Our practice is a cashless environment and we urge that all payments are done via EFT or Bank deposit.

  • The practice billing policy may be higher than what is covered by your medical aid. Due to this, a co-payment may have to be levied by the medical aid or the practice.

  • Full and final settlement of this account remains the full responsibility of the patient/main member

  • Doctor reserves the right to charge a nominal fee for telephonic, electronic and family consultations (in rooms). Medical aids seldom pay this fee, which will be for the patient’s own account.

  • Due to the varying and different benefits and exclusions on the different medical aid plan options in the market, it remains the patient’s responsibility to validate with their medical aid which procedure codes and reimbursement tariffs are applicable to their plan even if the patient’s medical aid covers a certain procedure, it does not necessarily imply that the medical aid will reimburse all the procedure codes charged by the practice.

  • As the doctor is super specialised, the medical aids often only take note of her first speciality, Anaesthesiologist. Should the doctor not consult as the Anaesthesiologist but rather as the Intensivist, there may be rejections on the claims or portions thereof stating that she is not allowed to bill the codes charged. Every measure is taken from our side to notify them of this misconception and to have the claims reprocessed accordingly. Should this circumstance occur on your claims, we request that you notify the medical aid of the above accordingly. 

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